Viewing Your Own Position Description

Employees may view – but not edit – their own Position Description (EWP).

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Module: Position Management
Role: Employee
Tab: Position Descriptions
Position Type: Staff or A/P Faculty or Faculty


To view your own Position Description (EWP), you should be working in the Position Management module.  The header will be orange.  employee_view_position

If you are not looking at the Position Management module (orange header), hold your mouse over the triangle at the end of the module name.

Choose Position Management.

Hover your mouse over Position Descriptions.  staff-ap-pd start
Select Staff and A/P Faculty from the drop down list.  Faculty members should select Faculty.  hm_check_status-rev
Make sure that you are viewing the system as an Employee.  employee_role
Choose the position that you would like to review.  Click on the blue text to view the Position Description. employee_position
Review or print the PD / EWP.  To print the document, select Print Preview (Employee View) from the upper right corner. Print_Preview