Where do you Go for Help?

  • If you have experienced or observed a situation where there is sexual VIOLENCE involved, contact the University Police at 654-4444.
  • For general guidance or direction, you can contact the Interim University’s Title IX Coordinator, Sabrina Johnson, at 654-1214.
  • A formal complaint is processed through official channels and filed with the AA/EEO officer.
    • It must be initiated in writing within one year from the date of the alleged harassment.
    • Contact the AA/EEO officer located in the Office of Human Resources at (540) 654-1214.
  • Students and employees can seek assistance with informal resolution by contacting one of the University of Mary Washington’s sexual harassment contact persons.

 Useful Numbers include

  • Psychological Services – (540) 654-1053
  • Student Affairs – (540) 654-1062
  • Campus Police – (540) 654-1025