Advertising Costs

HR will place ads in the specified location.  The department’s budget will be charged.

Publication  Timeframe  Rate
Richmond Times Per week A 30 day online posting is $335.00
Charges by the inch of ad space–approximately $200 per inch for a print only ad
Free Lance Star Per week
  • Charge is by the inch; $36.29/inch on Sundays; $31.50 Monday – Saturday
  • All ads for UMW run in three Star Weeklies on Thursdays (Fred/KG, Stafford and Spotsylvania) and also online for 30 days with video
  • Star Weeklies: $25/inch,
  • Digital: $423 (30 days video, social boost, resume boost, dashboard and ad viewable on up to 800 job boards)

A weekly ad ‘usually’ costs about $1,000.  The cost is divided equally among the positions being advertised.  If there are 5 jobs, each position would be charged $200.

Washington Post Per week 32.10 per line plus $50.00 for online post.
Chronicle Jobs Online 60 Days $375 per ad
Higher Ed Jobs Online 60 Days $295 per ad – discount for a package of 4 ads
Potomac News Per week Starting at $199.00