Furlough Restoration Q&A

What will options 1 or 2 look like if I’ve already taken more than 50% of my furlough days?

The number of excess furlough days will be paid as leave and leave balances will be adjusted accordingly.

Example: An employee who was originally required to take 10 furlough days will now only be required to take five days.  If the employee has already taken all 10 days, five of those days will be charged to leave and paid back to the employee.

What if I still need to take some furlough days and 50% of my furlough days is an odd number?

This will result in partial-day furloughs.

Example: An employee required to take 15 furlough days will now just need to take 7.5 days.  Based on an eight-hour work day, this employee would take seven full furlough days and one half-day (four hours).

How do I cancel my excess furlough days?

Do not cancel any furlough requests for furlough days through November 9th.

If you’ve already taken the new required number of days, you may cancel furlough requests for 11/10 forward.

If you scheduled the days on individual time off requests, you can request to cancel them in MyTime as you would any other leave type.  If you scheduled them in one single time off request, you will need to contact Payroll so they can remove them from the system.

How can I tell if I’ve exceeded 50% of the originally required number of days? Payroll will notify those who’ve exceeded 50% by close of business November 9th.  You can also use MyTime.   Instructions can be found on the Payroll Forms page within the section  Pay Restoration Form and Process.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, please let us know.