Required Documents


Volunteers must complete and sign the UMW Volunteer Application to be considered for volunteer service.  Supervisors must review and also sign the application, as indicated, and forward the original application and a copy of the position description to the OHR. Supervisors may keep a copy of the application in a supervisor’s file.

Directory and Emergency Contact Information

The Directory and Emergency Contact Information is one piece of information that must be completed and included in the Volunteer’s Personnel file.

Background Check 

All volunteer placements are subject to a criminal background check.  Current employees may be excluded from this requirement depending on the volunteer placement.  The Office of Human Resources will complete the background check using its third party vendor and will inform the supervisor when the background check is completed, normally within 3-5 business days.  The supervisor’s signature on the application authorizes billing to the department for payment.

Policies and Procedures

Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Personnel File, and to follow the policies and procedures outlined below.  The policies  should be read and verified by signing the Volunteer Policy Verification Statement.  This form should be printed, signed, and returned to the Office of Human Resources.

Sensitive and Protected Data

Volunteers with responsibilities for sensitive or protected data under the university’s Network and Computer Use Policy must be properly authorized by completing the Administrative Data User Account Request Form.

Safety Training

Volunteers who will be exposed to any potential safety or environmental risks or hazards must complete the university’s safety training.  To confirm the safety training schedule please contact the Director of Emergency Management and Safety at

Van Familiarization Program

Volunteers with responsibility for operating university owned vehicles to transport students must complete the Van Familiarization Program.