Guidelines for Supervisors

The following steps will ensure the proper authorization of your volunteer placement.

Volunteer Policy

The Volunteer Policy provides guidance for use of Volunteers by University departments.  Please review this document carefully before utilizing volunteers in your department.

Getting the Process Started

Community members and current employees can all apply to be volunteers.  Please ensure that your applicant volunteer has completed all required documents to get the process started can be found in the Policies and Procedures section below.  All interested volunteers will must complete the online application form, the policy verification, and complete the emergency contact form listed on the Required Forms page. All volunteers except current employees and current students must complete a background check.  You must ensure that all volunteers who are asked to operate state owned motor vehicles complete the VAN Familiarization program.

Job Description

Before a volunteer can have a background check performed, the  Job Description and application must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.  Supervisor should ensure that volunteers have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, limitations, and an agreed upon work schedule.  Departments should carefully consider the types of duties appropriate for a volunteer to perform.  Generally, duties which are carried out by a University employee are appropriate for volunteers as long as they are qualified to perform the duties and receive the same support and training any other paid employee would receive to complete the task.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a current university employee may not volunteer for the same type of services or duties performed in the paid position. Appropriate volunteer services must be given freely without pressure from the University. Please contact the OHR with questions about current employee volunteer service.

Request for Access

If you are assigning duties that require a volunteer to access the university’s electronic resources, please  complete the Request for Access Form.

Policies and Procedures

Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Personnel File, and to follow the policies and procedures outlined below.  The policies  should be read and verified by signing the Volunteer Policy Verification Statement.  This form should be printed, signed, and returned to the Office of Human Resources.

Sensitive and Protected Data

Volunteers with responsibilities for sensitive or protected data under the university’s Network and Computer Use Policy must be properly authorized by completing the Administrative Data User Account Request Form.

Safety Training

Volunteers who will be exposed to any potential safety or environmental risks or hazards must complete the university’s safety training.  To confirm the safety training schedule please contact the Director of Emergency Management and Safety at

Van Familiarization Program

Volunteers with responsibility for operating university owned vehicles to transport students must complete the Van Familiarization Program.

Application to Extend Volunteer Services

If you wish to retain a volunteer beyond the initial end date, please request authorization by completing and submitting the Application to Extend Volunteer Services.  The form must be completed and signed by both the applicant and supervisor and forwarded to the Office of Human Resources.  This should only be used for less than 4 month gaps in service.  If there is a gap in service greater than 4 months, a new application is needed.  New job descriptions should be completed as needed.


When a volunteer ends his / her tenure with the University, Supervisors should follow the guide, Out-Processing for Individuals, a checklist for departing employees and their supervisors.  This guide provides a helpful checklist that should be followed if an employee or volunteer is separating (out-processing) from the University.