Wage and Other Part-Time Employees

Supervisors are encouraged to provide wage employees with on-going coaching and performance feedback.  State policy does not require supervisors to complete performance evaluations for wage or other part-time employees.

A sample evaluation form may be used for wage or other part time employees. Supervisors can conduct evaluation sessions using this form. However, this form should remain in the supervisor’s file and not be forwarded to HR.

Conducting the Performance Evaluation with Your Employee

Start by reviewing the expectations that were established at the beginning of the cycle. Review the evaluation with the employee. Involve the employee in the discussion by asking him/her for problem-solving ideas and input on accomplishments. Discuss learning needs and ask what you can do to help the employee succeed in his/her goals/objectives. Deliver effective feedback: Base feedback on stated expectations; be specific; focus on behavior, not personality; listen carefully to the employee’s responses to ensure his/her understanding of the discussion; deliver feedback in an appropriate place; and make feedback an ongoing process.