Work Wellness

Workplace wellness is creating a work environment that is healthy for employees and encouraging healthy activity, eating, and education to improve employees’ overall health. 
Two 15-Minute Breaks – A refreshing short break might include anything low key and non-work related. As long as you give your mind a genuine rest from the tasks at hand that is what is important.

What can you do with your breaks? Take a walk around campus, try some simple desk exercises, office yoga, make a doctor or dentist appointment, or even a simple hand or neck massage to release tension.

 Alternative Work Schedules – Year Round Alternative or Flexible Work Schedule Offered in order to help you arrange your schedule to accommodate life demands.
 UMW Recognition Programs – One way to improve physical and emotional health is by incorporating more thankfulness into your life. We have programs where you can recognize and say thank you to your colleagues and employees.
Leadership UMW provides an opportunity to learn the things that effective leaders do to motivate you as an individual and team performance.