Welcome New Employees

We want to make sure that you feel welcome and are prepared to begin your employment with UMW. The on-boarding tasks listed below will expedite your orientation and ensure that you receive your first paycheck promptly.

Bring these documents with you to the Office of Human Resources on your first day of employment:

Offer Letter / Contract Classified or Wage Employees:  To indicate your acceptance of this offer, please sign and return the letter as soon as possible; you may bring it with you or mail it to the Office of Human Resources.
Administrative/Professional Faculty:  To indicate your acceptance of this contract, please sign and return the contract as soon as possible; you may bring it with you or mail it to the Office of Human Resources.
Employment Eligibility (I-9) Please print the Form I-9 and bring it to the Office of Human Resources. You must also bring your identification (as outlined on pg. 4, List of Acceptable Documents, of the Form I-9). Your employment eligibility (I-9) information and original documentation must be witnessed in person in the Office of Human Resources.
Employment Documents Please complete and bring a signed, printed copy of each of these documents with you to the Office of Human Resources on your first day of employment.
Federal Income Tax Withholding (Form W-4) Virginia Income Tax Withholding (Form VA-4)
Direct Deposit Authorization Directory and Emergency Contact Information
Child Support Wage Withholding Disclosure Selective Service Form (Males only)
Voluntary Self ID Form – Race-Gender-VETS 2018 (Optional) Voluntary Self-ID Disability (Optional)
Policy-Verification-Statement The policies listed below must be reviewed. Once you have done so, please complete the Policy Verification Statement and bring it to Human Resources on your first day of work.
Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy Network and Computer Use Policy
Use of Electronic and Social Media Policy Restrictions on State Employee Access to Information Infrastructure
UMW Respectful Workplace Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence
Civility in the Workplace State Classified Employees Standards of Conduct
State Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
Name Badge Form We are pleased to provide you with a University name badge that includes your first or preferred name and last name. Please advise us how you would like your name to appear in order for us to accommodate your preference; otherwise, we will order your badge with the first name and last name as provided on your application. This document is an online form. You will get an email confirmation;  you do not have to bring this with you.

 Complete these documents in the first week of employment:

Parking Decal

Faculty and staff should register their vehicle online through Banner under the tab personal information. A temporary pass may be printed after registering you vehicle. A permanent decal will be delivered to the individual’s campus office. There is no charge to the faculty/staff member for parking in faculty/staff lots.
EagleOne ID Bring your completed EagleOne ID to the Office of Human Resources for validation.  You will then take the form to the EagleOne ID Card Center, located in the basement of Lee Hall, and pick up your ID.
Technology Credentials Find your UMW NetID and password.
Employee Handbook

This document contains information, policy statements, regulations, and procedures for employees. It also explains options available to you for hospitalization, payroll savings, and group life and other insurance plans. Please take some time to carefully view the handbook before orientation. Contact the Office of Human Resources (540-654-1214) if you have any questions. You do not have to print and submit this document.

Once you have reviewed the handbook, you must verify that you have done so by signing and submitting the Employee Handbook Receipt to the Office of Human Resources.

Benefits at a Glance This information is for your reference. You do not have to bring it with you.
Leave Information This information is for your reference. You do not have to bring it with you.
Transcript Request Form It is necessary for the University of Mary Washington to have an official copy of your college transcript for all earned degrees.  Please forward the Transcript Request Form to your educational institution or submit your request online following your institution’s procedures.  (This applies to Administrative/Professional Faculty, Graduate Assistants and Assistant Coaches only.)

Review these documents with your supervisor within the first week of employment.

Signed EWP (Job Duties) You and your supervisor will review your Employee Work Profile (available in Careers). A signed copy will be submitted to Human Resources.
Overtime Compensation Election for Non-Exempt Employees

The Overtime Compensation Policy for Non-Exempt Employees includes the option for newly hired non-exempt employees and employees with a FLSA status change to non-exempt to elect overtime leave in place of overtime pay.

This election form must be submitted to Payroll within 30 days of hire or FLSA status change.

Key Application You and your supervisor will complete the Key application, then send the completed form to the Locksmith.

Learn More About the Campus & the Fredericksburg Community

Maps and Directions

The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce publishes a Community Profile, giving an overview of the Fredericksburg community.  This guide gives information about everything from the area’s history to its location and transportation to housing to recreation…and more.  Please take a moment to view the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of  Commerce’s Community Profile.  Other valuable information is available on the Chamber’s profile site, on the Chamber’s website, and on the city of Fredericksburg’s website.