Volunteering @ UMW

The University of Mary Washington welcomes the participation and involvement of the larger community as volunteers.  The volunteer policy and procedures are provided to connect talented members of the community with meaningful skill based opportunities to support the University’s programs and operations.

Please fill out the appropriate form:

Volunteer Application – Fill this form out if you know where you want to volunteer, and you’ve worked with the Volunteer Supervisor to determine what your role will be, and when you will work with UMW.

Volunteer Policy – The Volunteer Policy provides guidance for use of Volunteers by University departments.  Please review this document carefully before volunteering or utilizing volunteers in your department.

Volunteer Interest Form – If you’re interested in volunteering with UMW, but don’t have a specific department in mind, fill out this form.  Tell us about your skills, and where you might like to volunteer.

Volunteer Job Description – The Volunteer Supervisor will provide information about what the volunteer will be expected to do.

Guidelines for Supervisors – This document provides information about the process of working with volunteers.

Required Documents – There are a number of documents that volunteers must review and sign off on before starting work with UMW.

Background Check – A Background Check must be completed before the volunteer may begin working.


Volunteer Policy Verification Statement.  This form should be printed, signed, and returned to the Office of Human Resources after reviewing each of the documents listed below.

For more information or clarification on the process, please send an email to jobs@umw.edu or call 540-654-1214.