Participant Testimonials

2014 – 2015

The 360 assessment was very helpful and something that I had not previously done.
Having a personal mentor was great – one of the best parts of the program.
It was beneficial to learn more about UMW.
The highlight of the program for me was meeting and working with my mentor.  I was completely surprised when I opened the email that revealed who it would be.  I didn’t see the connection at all.  It was someone from a part of campus I’d never had much dialogue with.  Turns out, that was the beauty of it!  I learned a lot about an area I’d known almost nothing about, and even got to get involved in one of their big annual projects.   My mentor was AWESOME – as a counselor, advocate, and friend.
The second best part of Leadership UMW was the opportunity to meet so many of my colleagues from across campus.  This alone is so valuable to the University, as it opens lines of communication that otherwise wouldn’t exist, enforces the idea that we’re all working toward the same goal, and creates a sense of camaraderie.
I wasn’t sure going into the program if it would meet the expectations of what I envisioned would be a good leadership program or fizzle into one more thing “to do” monthly.  I am glad to say that the program was excellent, and I appreciate that UMW decided to offer this and that our program leaders and mentors were committed to making it such a rewarding and useful learning experience for us.  They shared their insights, expertise, and personal experiences.  I would highly recommend this program to other UMW colleagues that are thinking about applying next year.
Cabinet Members – I found it very informative to learn about the other divisions within the university and believe this should continue.  But what stood out most to me was hearing some of the Cabinet’s personal leadership stories (i.e. Torre’s take-away from his Leadership Maryland experience).  This tends to give a more personal side to specific leadership views while also making the Cabinet’s time with the group an experience that we can relate to.
Project – My experience with the project has been great.  It has helped me form bonds with people that I have not ever interacted with, and I feel as though these relationships will carry on.  I do wish that we had more direction and guidance regarding the projects.
Overall, I did enjoy the experience and learned some things that I hope to use in the future.