Teaching/Instructional Faculty Positions

Teaching faculty are individuals who hold either full-time or part-time teaching appointments in various academic departments and programs and who teach courses for credit toward University of Mary Washington degrees.

The Search Procedures for Full-time and Instructional Faculty provides step-by-step information on planning the search/screen process, conducting interviews, checking references, and more. This process incorporates the elements of a fair and equitable search process as required by federal and state law and allows for monitoring our efforts towards affirmative action and equal employment opportunity at UMW. These procedures simultaneously address the complementary goals of excellence and diversity in the search process. Progress in attracting and retaining women and individuals from underrepresented groups will help us to achieve both goals. The goals of these procedures are to ensure:

  • An Empowered Search Committee – one that is charged with the knowledge and understanding of university goals for excellence and fair employment practices.
  • Aggressive Recruiting and Advertising Plans – plans that think “outside the box” using aggressive and varied efforts to reach diverse populations.
  • Compliance with Federal Applicant Tracking Requirements – procedural steps that ensure data on applicant flow through the search process is kept in accordance with federal mandates.
  • A Thorough Screening Process – a careful screening process to ensure equal opportunity for consideration and to allow the best candidates to rise naturally and fairly to the forefront.

As you embark on this important effort, we hope that these Faculty Search and Screen Procedures will make your job easier and more fruitful. Please do not hesitate to call the Office of Human Resources/AAEEO at 540-654-1214 with questions or concerns.