Create a Posting from Another Posting

Select Create from Posting.
Select (or Search, then Select) the existing Posting that you want to use to create this posting.
Hover your mouse over Actions.

If you choose View Posting, you will be given the option to Modify Position Description. The position will then move through the classification review process.

If you select Create From, you should review the information.

Verify the Organizational Unit.
You will not be able to make any changes to the Applicant Workflow.

The system will solicit Reference information at a point in the recruitment process that you define.   You may also customize what happens when all references are complete, and define the type of document that reference providers submit.

If you want the system to help you manage references, put a in the box next to Accept references.

If you checked Accept References, you now decide:

  • At what point in the process References are requested.
  • What happens when all recommendations are complete.
  • What documents are uploaded when the reference provider responds.
Review the Posting, then click Create New Posting.

Move through the posting form, making sure that all information is accurate and complete, by clicking the Next button on each form, or by navigating with the Edit Posting items on the left.

Forms that must be completed are:

  • Classification Selection
  • Position Details
  • Position Budget Information
  • Supervisory Position
  • Employee
  • Supplemental Questions
  • Position Documents
  • Position Request Summary
  • Items that are complete have a next to them. Please review each section, and complete the information as needed.
Save the form by clicking the Save button. Click the Next button to move to the next form.

When you get to the Summary form, hover your mouse over the Take Action On Posting.

Select Posting Information Complete (move to Recruitment Manger Initial Review).

Add any appropriate comments, then click Submit.

Each time that you see the Comment box after an Action, you will have the opportunity to Add the position to your Watch List. To do so, put a check in the box next to Add this position request to your watch list.