Required Training List

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University employees must complete required training so that we are in compliance with state, federal, and university policies and laws.  The information on this page provides information about training that employees must complete.  This is not a comprehensive list.  It will be modified as new training requirements are established.

Topic / CourseTargeted AudienceMandated ByFrequencyDue DateTraining AvailableLearning Center Key Word(s) and Course TitleLength
Cyber Security Awareness TrainingAll IT System Users: Agency managers, supervisors, and employees; Contractors.Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM) Information Security Standard SEC 501-01AnnualMarchOnline module - Learning CenterCheck with agency training coordinator.30 minutes
Grievance ProcedureAll UMW EmployeesCode of Virginia §2.2-3000AnnualNovemberOnline module - Learning CenterEDR – Workplace Dispute Resolution Overview Course30 minutes
IntersectionsAll UMW EmployeesCommonwealth of Virginia, UMWOne timeFebruaryOn-line modules in Learning CenterKeyword: Intersections2 hours
Performance ManagementSupervisors and managers2015 Appropriation Act, Item 81, D.2. Requires agency heads to require “appropriate” training of agency supervisors and managers.AnnualOctoberOn-line modules in Learning CenterPerformance MVP – Enhancing Employee Performance (Introduction to supervision)2 hours, 50 minutes
Preventing Workplace ViolenceAll UMW EmployeesDHRM Policy 1.80, Workplace Violence Policy Executive Order 41 (’11) Establishing Continuing Preparedness Initiatives in State Government and Affirmation of the Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Operations Plan. Effective until amended or rescinded.AnnualFebruaryOnline module - Learning CenterWorkplace Violence DHRM – HR Policy – Preventing Workplace Violence (for employees)30 minutes
Statement of Economic Interest (SOEI)/ Conflict of Interest ActDesignated EmployeesSection 2.2-3128 - 3130 of the Code of Virginia.Training must be completed within two months after becoming designated as a state filer. Must complete training biannually thereafter.JanuaryOn-line module in Learning Center. Orientation course required to be offered semi-annually.COI OAG – 2015 COIA - Virginia State and Local Conflict of Interests Act Training1 hour
Policy Reviews
- Alcohol and Drug Related Behavior
- Child Abuse & Neglect
- Ethical Business Practices
- Outside Employment
- Minors on Campus
- Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence
- Workplace Harassment
- Workplace Violence
All UMW EmployeesOffice of Human Resources, UMWAnnual DecemberOnline module - Learning CenterUMW, policy, review
Students with DisabilitiesAll UMW EmployeesOffice of Disability ResourcesAnnualSeptemberOnline module - Learning Center22 minutes
Training for New SupervisorsNew SupervisorsOffice of Human ResourcesOne timeClassroom4 hours