Criminal Background Checks

UMW Policy E.3.5 – Background Checks

Background checks will be conducted as part of the hiring process and will normally include employment verification, a social security trace, National Sex Offender Registry and criminal records checks at the local, state and national levels. Other sources of background information will be reviewed as appropriate for the position. These additional checks may be conducted by University personnel or through a third-party vendor as appropriate. This policy also applies to current employees who move into positions designated as sensitive as defined in this policy, or whose current job duties are expanded to include those of a sensitive nature. Volunteers and others in designated roles must also have completed a successful background check.

University policy and state and federal laws recognize the individual’s right to privacy. Any information related to the background check will be maintained in the strictest confidence possible. Only persons involved in the employment process will be informed on a need- to-know basis. Conviction data or other application discrepancies disclosed or discovered in the employment process may influence employment decisions.