DHRM Paycheck Calendar- Use this calendar for pay dates only (and not for the holiday schedule, which the University sets for itself).
University holiday schedule
Payroll Periods and Pay Dates
Payroll Dates for Wage Employees

Pay Periods

Standard pay periods for full- time employees are the 10th through 24th of a month, and the 25th through the 9th of the following month. They are paid semi-monthly.  Supplemental part-time employees and wage employees are paid biweekly.  The calendar of pay dates is posted on the Payroll web site at the link above.

When paydays fall on weekends or holidays, pay is disbursed and direct deposits are made on the last workday before the regular pay date.

Reporting Hours of Work

Payroll Periods and Pay Dates

This section does not apply to supplemental part-time employees.

All non-exempt employees must record their hours of work in MyTime ( to account for their hours worked.  Time worked is recorded using the Timestamp widget to punch in and punch out; it will record shift start and end time.

Exempt employees work schedule are prepopulated and at the end of each pay period, all exempt employees must review and approve their timecard in MyTime to accurately reflect time worked.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires state employees t receive their pay electronically, by direct deposit to a checking or savings account or by deposit to a debit card.

Tax Liens and Garnishments

Tax liens and garnishments are honored as directed by state and federal law. An employee will be charged a fee for processing certain garnishments.