DHRM Policy 4.25 – Holidays
UMW 2023-2024 Holiday Calendar
UMW 2022 – 2023 Holiday Calendar
UMW 2021 – 2022 Holiday Calendar
UMW 2020 – 2021 Holiday Calendar

The UMW Holiday Calendar includes state holidays and hours of leave granted by the governor. President Paino has awarded additional recognition leave for your continued contributions and dedication to the University.

Employees are notified annually of the days on which state/federal holidays will be observed at the University of Mary Washington.  Any questions regarding this schedule should be addressed to the Office of Human Resources.

Full-time employees receive 8 hours of pay for all designated state holidays.  Quasi-full-time and  part-time classified employees receive holiday pay proportionate to hours worked for all designated state holidays.

Holidays that fall on Saturday will be observed the preceding Friday; holidays that fall on Sunday will be observed the following Monday. If a holiday falls on an employee’s scheduled day off, other than a weekend, the employee will be granted up to 8 hours of compensatory leave. If an employee is required to work on a holiday, the employee may be eligible for pay plus compensatory leave.

Full-time employees who work alternate work schedules (e.g., 9, 10, or 12 hour shifts) will receive compensation for the holiday equal to 8 hours. Employees must use accrued leave or flex their schedules (with supervisory approval) for the remainder of the work cycle to cover the entire shift.

If an employee who is eligible to accrue leave works an alternate work schedule, he/she should talk with the supervisor or the Office of Human Resources about holiday leave. Holiday leave is prorated for classified employees who work less than a 40-hour schedule.  Because wage or supplemental part-time employees are paid only for days worked, they are not eligible to receive holiday pay.