Saving Searches

When you save a search, you have the option to set it as your default search. This is your only opportunity to set it as the default search.

After you have used the search and filtering controls to present the search results the way you want to see them, select Save this search. The Saved Search area expands.

For example, if you are looking for a specific posting, you may narrow the results down by searching for a particular department, for postings that are in designated workflow states (i.e. in the Cabinet member’s hands), or for a specific Position Number.

Give the search a name that will help you remember its purpose.  saving_searches_name

If this search presents the information you will normally want to see when you navigate to this page, you may want to select Make this the default search.

Select Save this search.  The search tab refreshes to present the name you have given the search. This tab remains available for the rest of your session.  The next time you log in the search will be available from the list of saved searches in that area.