Layoff and Severance

DHRM Policy 1.30 – Layoff Policy
DHRM Policy 1.57 – Severance Benefits
DHRM Policy 1.65 – Temporary Work Force Reduction






Business needs, including economic constraints, may require the University to re-configure or reduce its workforce.

Employees may be identified for layoff using a number of factors, including business needs, job functions, and employees’ length of continuous state service. Severance benefits are based on salary and length of continuous state service and may sometimes be used by eligible employees for enhanced retirement. Restricted employees (those paid from non-continuing sources of funds) and part-time employees should check these policies and consult with the Office of Human Resources to find out whether they are eligible for layoff and/or severance benefits.

The University may also experience variations in work flow which make temporary staff reductions advisable. Policy 1.65, Temporary Work Force Reduction explains how agencies should implement these short-term reductions and defines the rights of employees during such actions.