How to Hire a Temporary Employee

Important Update for Hiring Managers and SPCC holders:

The Temporary Employment Contract Instructions have been revisedPlease review them before you place your order in eVA. These new instructions will allow SPPC holders to take ownership of his/her order by entering all the information when the order is placed, which will minimize the waiting time of the preapproval. There may be some edits required after the temp staff is selected and we will work with you to ensure the applicable information is provided. Procurement Services will review and approve the order before forwarding it to the SPCC holder. Please disregard any previous version of the instructions to minimize delays and confusion.

How to Hire a Temporary Employee

Identify Funding and an eVA buyer:

  1. Contact the Budget Office to determine if funding is available.
  2. Identify an eVA buyer to process the electronic request in eVA and to manage the billing process. (If no one is available in the department, please contact Procurement for assistance on payments.)

Complete the Temporary Request Form:

  1. Open the form by clicking the link for the Temporary Request Form.
  2. Save the form on your computer (desktop, shared drive, etc.).  Notice where you are saving so that you may locate it later.  Saving the form will allow you to select a position and view the description of the position.
  3. Complete the form, then save it.
    If the form does not open, please follow the appropriate steps:

    If you are using Firefox: If you are using Chrome:
    • Choose Tools > Options.
    • In the Options dialog, click Applications. In the Applications tab, type PDF in the search field.
    • Select Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox) from the Action drop-down list.
    • Close and restart Firefox.
    • Go to chrome://plugins/.
    • Click Disable under Chrome PDF Viewer.
    • Click Enable under Adobe PDF Plug-In.

Request Access for the Employee:

NetID:  If you would like the temporary employee to have access to a NetID, an e-mail account, EagleOne, etc., please complete the Request for Access on or before the employee’s first day of work.  When the form is submitted, it will be sent to Paula Wilder.

Submit the eVA Order:

In addition to adding the Temporary Request Form in eVA, the form can be emailed to  Once it is received in HR, it will be forwarded to the agencies for their review and candidates’ search. This will expedite the search process if the order is not entered in eVA immediately or will be entered at a later time.

Vehicle Operations

NOTE: Vehicle Operation  (if applicable): Temporary Staffing  personnel with responsibility for operating university owned vehicles to transport students must complete the Van Familiarization program and the Department of Motor Vehicles Check with the Office of Parking Management before assuming this duty. Temporary staff  with the Athletics Department will complete the program with that department. Supervisors must ensure compliance with this provision.

Selecting a Temporary Employee

  1. If a temporary staff is replaced by another from the same agency, you may use the same PO# until the order is closed. For records purposes, log in the employee’s name for reference. If the temporary staff is replaced by another from a different agency, the order in eVA must be closed and a new one must be created. Please indicate the contract number in all order requests.
  2. Please review the Temporary Employment Contract Instructions.
  3. The Contract Administrator (in HR) will review the request via eVA and coordinate the hiring of the temporary employee. Resumes will be forwarded to hiring managers for their review and selection as they are received.
  4. The Contract Administrator will notify the agencies when a candidate has been selected.
  5. SPCC users will receive a copy of the invoice after the time-sheets are submitted. Once payment is processed, an invoice will be emailed for your records. Keep a copy of the invoice, receipt, time-sheet, and any other documentation as this will become part of your credit card back-up documentation.
  6. Human Resources will provide an initial temporary parking pass that is good for two weeks, if needed.  Please ask the temporary employee to stop by the HR office to obtain one on their first day of work. If another pass or an extension is needed, you will need to contact the Parking Management Department (x 1129).

Reminder: When requesting a temporary employee for a specialized position,  the turnaround time might be 5-7 days based on available candidates in the area of expertise and the amount of time that is required to complete a background check.

For assistance, please e-mail