Your employee handbook contains statewide and university policies and procedures related to

the terms and conditions of your employment with the University of Mary Washington. The

University may supplement statewide policy when necessary to accommodate the needs of the


The current publication of this handbook and its terms supersedes all previous versions. It should

be considered current until such time as it may be updated in whole or in part. It is not a contract

or an invitation to contract and does not offer contract rights.

Employees are responsible for complying with all policies and procedures pertaining to their

employment with the University and are also responsible for keeping informed of any changes or

updates made to these policies and procedures. The Office of Human Resources and Affirmative

Action (Human Resources, AA/EEO) maintains the official version of this handbook. Changes in

policies and procedures will be communicated through the University’s web site at

http://www.umw.edu/hr and by e-mail.

If you have a question or are in need of information not provided in this handbook, please

contact the Office of Human Resources, AA/EEO.

Wage Handbook