Search Committee Chair Duties

Exhibit #6: Search Committee Chair Duties

There is a list of the chair’s typical expected duties:

  • Serve as the liaison among the appointing authority, HR department, and any other ex-officio members of the search committee.
  • Convene the search committee and ensure that each committee member has completed search committee training/ orientation.
  • Coordinate the efforts of all committee members.
  • Perform all duties of a regular committee member.
  • Establish ground rules for the committee.
  • Ensure that the intent of the charge is carried out.
  • Assign duties to committee members, such as note taker, host, diversity advocate, etc.
  • Coordinate administrative and logistical support of the search process.
  • Help to recruit, identify, and contact potential applicants, to include diverse candidates.
  • Work with the search committee to develop a screening evaluation tool according to job-related criteria (i.e., position description, advertisement, charge, and organizational analysis), and without regard to stereotypes or presumptions regarding ability or disability.
  • Review all applicant materials.
  • Coordinate with other constituent groups to ensure their involvement, as appropriate, in the interview or selection process.
  • Serve as lead host for candidates on campus.
  • Identify internal candidates and serve as a liaison to them.
  • Correspond with semifinalists/finalists.
  • With the assistance of an ex officio member/staff assistant, arrange travel and accommodations for the interviews and schedule interviews.
  • Ensure that proper records and minutes are kept of the selection process.
  • Review late applications and bring them to the committee if they meet certain standards.
  • Check references, when appropriate.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of applicants, search proceedings, and committee deliberations.
  • Treat all candidates fairly and equitably throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process.
  • Advice the appointing authority of the person (s) the search committee recommends for the position.
  • Perform other duties as requested by the appointing authority.