Best Practices

This page points you to a number of valuable resources.

Resource Description
Before Filling This Position There are some important questions that you should ask yourself before you move forward with filling a position.
Charge Checklist A written charge from leadership can clarify expectations.
Expediting the Search
This document contains a list of tasks that can help you expedite the search.
How to Evaluate Resumes and CVs
Review the applicants’ resumes and cover letters to compare the credentials of applicants.
How to Write an Ad – Job Advertisement Checklist Writing an accurate ad will help in the search for qualified candidates
Identifying Essential Functions
Identifying the essential functions of a job is critical to the search for qualified job applicants.
Organizational Analysis
Departmental, institutional, and environmental factors that affect a
new position and the team the new hire will join must be considered before conducting a search.
Quantitative Screening Device
Using a quantitative screening method can be useful to assess candidates.
Screening Checklist
A screening checklist can help search committee members quickly verify whether each candidate has the
required qualifications
Screening Matrix
A screening matrix provides an objective method of comparing candidates both against a standard and to the
Search Committee Chair Duties The Search Committee Chair ensures that a smooth search is conducted.
Tips on Conducting Telephone or Video Interviews Following these tips will help you conduct a successful telephone or video interview.
Welcome Package for Interviewees
This document provides a sample list of information that could be mailed, shared electronically, or handed to candidates who
are invited to campus for an interview.