Planning an Advertisement

Once the recruitment plan is approved, the job posting will be entered on the UMW PageUp website. The HR office will also post the position online with dedicated national search sites like the Chronicle and HigherEd Jobs. Print ads may be requested for these sources as well with varying costs and periods of time.  These may be utilized depending on the budget for the position, skill set, area of specialization, or other factors.

The hiring official or other committee member may also choose to post the final advertisement, as viewed in Careers, on discipline-specific sites, sites for associations, related certifications and/or send the advertisement out to listservs.  Copies or links to any additional postings should be sent to HR for the search file.

Teaching Faculty positions require nationwide searches. The window for applicants to apply to the position will be determined by the Department Chair, as outlined in the Recruitment plan. It is not recommended to post the position for less than 30 days; extended posting can be expected for some positions depending on the field, job market for that specialty, and other factors.  The HR office will work with you to determine a closing date that works best with your needs and ensures sufficient time for quality candidates to apply.

For more information, please refer to Best Practices and Faculty Handbook