Personnel Records

Personal Information

Employees are required to report immediately to the Office of Human Resources the following changes affecting their records:

  • Change of address (must be in writing and include effective date);
  • Name change (must provide copy of new Social Security Card);
  • Change in family status for benefits purposes;
  • Change in beneficiary for retirement and/or insurance programs;
  • Change in insurance coverage or eligibility of dependents;  and / or
  • Other pertinent information for personnel records.

Privacy of Personnel Records

DHRM Policy 6.05 – Personnel Records Disclosure

An employee’s personnel record, maintained by the University of Mary Washington, is the property of the Commonwealth.

The Privacy Protection Act provides that an employee may have access to information contained in his or her personnel records with the exception of reference letters and mental and medical records when the treating physician has indicated that a review of such records might be injurious to the employee’s health.  The contents of an employee’s personnel file may be disclosed to third parties as provided in the Virginia Freedom of Information act, the Privacy Protection Act, and Policy 6.05, Personnel Records Disclosure.

Management of Personnel Records

DHRM Policy 6.10 – Personnel Records Management 1

UMW’s objective is to maintain complete and accurate records regarding each employee and position, to comply with legal requirements regarding retention and release of personnel records, and to preserve the confidentiality of personnel records.