The Applicant View

Faculty Applicant View

The Applicant flow is as follows:

  • The Applicant submits an application via the Applicant Portal.
  • The Application is submitted to the Search Committee for review.
  • If the Applicant is going to be considered for the position, he or she is contacted for an interview.
  • If the Applicant is interviewed or not further considered, his or her status will be moved to Interviewed, Not Hired.
  • If the Applicant is not going to be considered, his or her status should be moved to Not Interviewed, Not Hired.
  • If the candidate is considered for hire, he or she is then moved to Hiring Notification.
Note: You may see what a Posting looks like to the applicant by clicking on the link:   See how Posting looks to Applicant.  HM_AT_posting_applicant_view-rev
Go to
Create an account; you may log in using your UMW Careers credentials if you already created an account.  Applicant_create_account
Note: This is an account only in the Applicant module; your credentials in the Position Management and Applicant Tracking modules are not impacted.
Search for jobs that you’re interested in.  applicant_search_jobs2
Apply to posting(s).  applicant_apply_jobs
Complete all information. Certify your application.  applicant_certify
Complete the certification process and Submit your application.  applicant_certify2
Note: The first time that an applicant applies to a job, they will be prompted to fill out the Voluntary Demographic information. This will only happen once. If the applicant wants to adjust their demographic data, this can be done at any time from the menu on the left. Check preferences to see if they are prompting for demographic at end of app otherwise remove bullet point.