Training and Educational Requirement

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Each University employee must complete specified training. This training is designed to

  • Protect both you and the University;
  • Keep you and the University in compliance with state and federal regulations;
  • Manage risk;
  • Meet audit requirements; and,
  • Enable us to respond to / resolve issues as the arise.

The training requirement is based upon state, federal, and local regulations.  The list of required training that we have compiled is not a comprehensive list; certain employees may be required to complete additional training, based upon operational needs.

While most of the training is required annually, some is required only once, while other training is required on some other schedule; please see the list of required training for details.  You will be notified when training is due; information will be provided about how to access that training.

The list of training provides

  • The course title,
  • The targeted Audience
  • Who mandates the training,
  • The frequency and the due date of the training,
  • How the training is delivered,
  • Key words to use to search for a course, and
  • The length of the training.