Supervisor Essentials

If you are a supervisor, then the Supervisor Essentials series is for you. This series of courses will introduce to some and review with others the important components of effective people management and supervisory skills.  These courses will also provide information about the many policies and procedures associated with supervising employees.  By participating in these courses, you’ll learn more about – and become better at:

  • Managing Performance for Success
  • Performance Recovery
  • Turning it Around
  • Managing Employees’ Leave Benefits
  • Getting the right talent for your position
  • On-boarding an Employee for Success
  • Compensation Management
  • What Does It Mean To Be a Supervisor?
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Development Seminar

The Office of Human Resources and the College of Business are partnering to offer this series of classes.

Register today to get started on the journey to become a better supervisor.

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