Sample Interview Questions for Teaching Faculty

Develop interview questions in advance. Questions should be based on the position description qualifications; the candidate’s application/resume; pertinent areas of teaching, research, and service; and other objective criteria. Check the selection criteria and evaluation form to ensure that you have covered all of the critical areas.  Consult additional guidance found in Questions to Ask and Not to Ask During the Interview.

  • Develop questions based on the job description and qualifications to determine whether each applicant is qualified for the job and to compare the qualifications of the interviewed applicants.
  • Explore qualifications that may have been developed in nontraditional ways.  Often applicants have acquired transferable skills through other experiences.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Questions that begin with “What,” “How,” “Why,” “Describe,” or “Tell me” are more likely to draw out the applicant and provide more useful information.
  • Questions should not extend into areas that are not job related.
  • An evaluation form similar to the one used for screening purposes is encouraged as a tool to quantify your rating of the finalists.

 Sample Interview Questions For Teaching Faculty Positions

Teaching and Advising

  • In an undergraduate/ graduate xxx curriculum, which core (in-major) courses do you believe are most essential for all students?
  • Our teaching program has had limited connections to non-majors in the past.  What would be the advantages of introducing a course to non-majors and how would you develop such a course?
  • What new technologies and pedagogies would you utilize in teaching xxx class?
  • Describe your involvement and accomplishments in relation to nurturing the academic success of women and students of color.
  • What do you consider an appropriate (or desirable) balance of teaching and research?
  • Describe any accomplishments or interests you might have in broadening the curriculum, introducing innovative teaching methods, mentoring students or responding to the needs of special groups, or other areas, that may not be reflected in your vita.


  • What other research areas are you interested in pursuing in conjunction with students or other colleagues?
  • What essential research skills do you possess that will support the type of research program that you envision?
  • What specific research projects would you want to undertake if you receive this position?  Are the current facilities adequate to take on these projects?  If not, what equipment would be needed?
  • What experience do you have in writing grant proposals/obtaining funding for research projects?  To what granting agencies might you look for research funding?

Service and Outreach

  • Describe a professional service assignment that you have completed and are very proud of its results.  What, if any, continuing education workshops or short courses would you be interested in organizing or promoting?
  • How do you see your responsibilities relative to the public service component of this position?