Setting Up a Search Committee

Search committees are set up during the creation or modification of a Posting.

  • Log in to Careers:      See directions on p. xx
  • Module:                      Applicant Tracking
  • Role:                             Hiring Manager, Department Chair
  • Tab:                              Postings
  • Position Type:          Appropriate

Search Committees are selected by the Department Chair / Hiring Manager, and are approved by the Recruitment Manager.

Search Committee members are selected from among the list of UMW employees. These employees must also be a member of the Search Committee group. If you do not see the individual who you want on your committee, please contact Human Resources.

Important:  A search committee must be selected during the creation of a Posting. If it is not done at this time, the Recruitment Manager can assist you.

Note: You may have multiple Search Committee Chairs.