Quantitative Screening Device

Exhibit #14: Quantitative Screening Device

For those who are more comfortable using numbers to assess different phenomena, the quantitative screening method is a suitable tool. An advantage of this approach is that it provides an intuitive method of describing the relative degree to which a candidate measures up against agreed-upon criteria. Each committee member will have a slightly different definition of what is “average, “good”, or: “great”, so each one’s assessment of candidates will vary—despite the use of the same numerical scale. Nonetheless, a quantitative screening instrument can speed up deliberations by suing a common framework and vocabulary to compare candidates.

If and how selection criteria will be withheld and tabulated should be determined when the screening instrument is designed. Having a doctoral degree is not necessarily worth twice the “points” as a master’s degree in a numbers in scheme, having six years’ experience is not necessarily twice as good as having three years of experience, and there is no way of objectively valuing the difference in having served in founder different positions compared to having served in two positions for longer periods. Agreement on descriptions and weightings is essential. As long as quantitative devises are used as a general guide and not a definitive assessment, they can be very effective selection techniques.

The following is a sample quantitative screening device for a director of financial aid position.


Quantitative Screening Device

Candidate’s Name: _______________________________________

Rating scale: 0 = None; 1 = Low; 2 = Average; 3 = High

  1. Managerial Skills & Experience –  ___________

Written communications

Organizational skills

Planning experience

Budgeting experience

Supervisory experience

Conflict management experience


  1. Financial Aid Knowledge & Experience – ___________

Knowledge of federal financial aid rules

Loan experience



Endowment/foundation experience

State financial programs


  1. Professional activities –  ___________

Professional development activities

Membership/leadership in professional associations

Publications /presentation/research

Knowledge of industry trends

Awards or honors


  1. Evidence of ability to Work With Others – ___________

 Work with students & families

 Work with faculty

 Work with staff/administrators

 Multicultural student experience


Total Score: ____________



Committee Member’s Name: _________________________________                                                               Date: ____________