Modifying a Faculty Position





Department Chairs and Deans have the permissions required to modify a position.

Log in to Careers: See directions
Module: Position Management
Role: Department Chair
Tab: Position Descriptions
Position Type: Appropriate


Select the Position Management module.  applicant_tracking_module
Hover your mouse over the Position Description tab.  hm_pd_position_type
Choose the appropriate position type.
Find the position that you want to modify. hm_modify_position 
You may Search for the position that you wish to modify.
Once you find the position, click on the Title. You may also select View from the Actions menu.
Select Modify Position Description.  modify_position_description-rev
Click Start.  modify_pd_start
Select the Reason for Position Modification.  modify_reason
Review the Organizational information. Edit the information if needed.  position_justification
Move through the Position Request, making the appropriate changes, by clicking the Next button, or by navigating through the list on the left.  Forms that must be completed are:

  • Classification Selection
  • Position Details
  • Position Budget Information
  • Supervisory Position
  • Employee
  • Supplemental Questions
  • Position Documents
  • Position Request Summary



When you get to the Position Summary, scroll through the document and confirm that all sections are complete. When you are done, click Take Action On Position Request.

Verify that all items have a blue circle with a check check next to the status. Once all items have a check, you’re ready to transfer the request to the next workflow state.

An orange circle with an exclamation mark red_exclamationmeans that at least one item on the form is not complete.  All required items must be complete before submitting the form.


Select the appropriate Workflow state, selecting Position Created / Modified (move to Dean).

Options that you have are:

Keep working on this Position Request -Saves changes that you made so that you may continue your work at a later time.

Canceled (move to Canceled) -Cancels any changes that you have made.

Position Created / Modified (move to Dean) – Moves the Position Description forward in the approval chain.

Add any comments that are needed; click Submit.  Each time that you see the Comment box after an Action, you will have the opportunity to Add the position to your Watch List. To do so, put a check in the box next to Add this position request to your watch list.  hm_pd_comment_submit