Posting Forms

Supplemental Questions

Supplemental questions are answered by the applicant, and can be used as assessment factors.

Review the available Supplemental Questions, and select the question(s) that you wish to use.   Click Submit.

If you need to add a question, click Add a new one.

Fill in the information requested (Name, Category, Question, Possible Answers (if appropriate), then click Submit.

Evaluative Criteria

Evaluative Criteria are questions for interviewers to answer. They provide subjective assessments of applicants on specific items at specific points in the workflow.

Examine – and utilize – existing criteria as appropriate.

If you wish to add criteria, click the Add a Question button.

Click Add a New One.

Complete the requested information.

Click Submit.

Posting Documents

Posting Documents are documents that will provide additional information about the posting.   Examples of documents that you might include, but are not limited to: a copy of the ad, your unit’s organizational chart, and a copy of your recruitment plan.

Options for each posting document are Not Used, Optional, and Required.

Reference Letters

The system can be configured to allow reference providers to submit recommendations without logging in, or to require that reference providers log in, depending on the organization’s requirements.

If you decided (earlier in the process) to use the Reference Letter option, you must now:

  • Confirm that you want to Accept References.
  • Decide on the Minimum Requests needed.
  • Decide on the Maximum Requests needed.
  • Select the last day a Reference Letter may be submitted.

Finishing the Posting

When you get to the Summary form, hover your mouse over the Take Action On Posting.

Select Posting Information Complete (move to Recruitment Manger Initial Review).

Add any comments needed. Submit the Posting.