Posting a Position

When you have a position to fill, you create a posting.  Depending on your role in the organization, you may sometimes need to approve postings created by others or move them to other workflow states.

Below you will find the general steps for the Hiring Manager and Recruitment Manager to create a posting, but it may vary depending on whether you are posting a job for Staff, A/P, or Faculty.

To Advertise a Position (Hiring Manager):

  1. Login to the careers website.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top left corner and choose “Hire”. (Once the page loads, make sure there is a blue banner running across the page).
  3. Go to “User Group” and login as the Hiring Manager.
  4. Click on “Postings” and choose the appropriate type of job posting.
  5. Click on “Create New Posting” (top right corner) and choose either:
    1. “Create new position” or
    2. “Create from position description”
  6. Search for and select the appropriate position description. Once doing this, choose “create posting from this position description.”
  7. Verify the information on the next screen is correct, then click “create new posting.”
  8. The screen will take you through each form so that you can update any information on the posting. When you reach the summary form, choose “take action on posting” ⇒ “Recruitment Manager Review” ⇒ “Submit”.

To Advertise a Position (Recruitment Manager):

  1. Open the careers website.
  2. Choose “More Search Options.”
  3. In the “Workflow State” box, choose “Recruitment under Review” and then click “Search.”
  4. Review the position for the following content:
    • Additional application instructions.
    • To make sure the information in the budget section is correct.
    • Review search committee members.
    • Reference letters (both in the form and under settings).
  5. Once you have reviewed the content, click on “Take Action”, and “Move to Budget.”