Introduction to the Employee Handbook

This Handbook applies to Administrative and Professional faculty (A/P Faculty), classified employees, wage, and supplemental part-time employees of the University of Mary Washington.  Generally, the information applies to all employees; if the information applies only to a specific group of employees, that designation is indicated. Instructional faculty have a separate handbook (see applying only to them.

The current version of this Handbook supersedes all previous versions, and its terms replace those contained in previous versions.

The official version of the Handbook is the electronic version published on the University web site.  The Office of Human Resources maintains the official version of this Handbook.  Changes in policies and procedures will be communicated through the University’s web site and by email.

While this Handbook contains much useful information, other official publications also contain information about institutional policies and procedures that employees are expected to follow in their various roles.  Additionally, other offices will, from time-to-time, establish policies and procedures that apply generally to all employees.  The Handbook is designed to serve as a guide to the relationship between the employees and the University.

If an employee has a question or is in need of information not provided in this Handbook s/he should contact the Office of Human Resources, AA/EEO.