Types of Employment

Administrative/Professional Faculty: Administrative/professional faculty require the performance of work directly related to the management of the educational and general activities of the institution, department, or sub-division.    Administrative / professional faculty are appointed into non-tenure positions and serve at the pleasure of the president of the University. Appointments to all administrative / professional faculty positions are term appointments. No aspects of tenure are involved, unless an individual has earned tenure at the University of Mary Washington prior to joining the administration and will retain his/her academic rank in the administrative position.
Classified: Classified employees usually qualify for all employee benefits, and are subject to the provisions of the Virginia Personnel Act.
Teaching (Instructional) Faculty: Positions in this category have specific assignments that customarily require instruction, research, or public service as a principal activity. Examples include academic rank titles such as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, or lecturer.
Wage: Wage employment is defined as employment to meet seasonal, temporary, part-time, or casual workforce needs. Wage employees are not covered by the Virginia Personnel Act. Wage employees are limited to working 1,500 hours during a period of 365 consecutive days starting the first day a wage employee begins work. Employees do not receive benefits while on wage appointment except for worker’s compensation and leave without pay for military service in the reserve components. Wage employees are eligible to participate in tax-sheltered annuities.
Temporary Staff: Temporary employment is staffing provided through contracted temporary staffing agencies.