Screening Checklist

Exhibit #11: Screening Checklist

A screening checklist can help search committee members quickly verify whether each candidate has the required qualifications. A checklist is often a simple delineation of the required and preferred criteria listed in the advertisement or position announcement. A more complete evaluation includes the major position requirements documented in the position description, charge, and organizational analysis, notwithstanding the fact that not all of the requirements of a position can be determined or evaluated from written materials. The checklist nonetheless ensures the applicants are compared against the essential selection criteria.

The following checklist is an example of a review created from an ad for a career placement counselor:

A bachelor’s degree and demonstrated experience with career counseling and job placement are required. The ideal candidate will also possess the following characteristics: experience with individual and group counseling as well as case management techniques. The ability to develop and deliver training materials and a proficiency with the technologies used in the profession are also necessary for success in this position. Knowledge of employment trends and alumni affairs is a desirable qualification. A master’s degree, counseling licensure or certification, and experience in higher education are preferred criteria.

Screening Checklist

Candidate’s Name   _________________________________________

Rated by     __________________________________________________        Date:   __________________________________________________


Required Qualifications: Yes No
Bachelor’s degree ___ ___
Demonstrated experience in the field ___ ___
Individual counseling experience ___ ___
Group counseling experience ___ ___
Multicultural counseling techniques experience ___ ___
Training knowledge and skill ___ ___
Technology proficiency ___ ___
Proficiency with written communication ___ ___
Preferred Qualifications: Yes No
Master’s degree ___ ___
Professional licensure or certification ___ ___
Higher education experience ___ ___
Knowledge of employment trends ___ ___
Alumni experience ___ ___
Experience with internships and cooperative education ___ ___


List Candidate’s other characteristics (e.g., degree fields[s], special skills, etc.):






Consider Further?     Yes__________ No___________ Maybe__________



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