Creating a Hiring Proposal

When you have identified the applicant to hire, you will then create a hiring proposal. This connects the job information in the posting with the applicant’s information from the application, and may also seat the applicant as an employee in the related position description.   All applicants must be at a final status before submitting a hiring proposal (unless doing multiple hires). Before a hiring proposal can be created, the candidate must be at a status of Selected for hire. Hiring Proposals are required for all selected candidates.


Log in to Careers: See directions
Module: Applicant Tracking
Role: Hiring Manager, Department Chair
Tab: Postings
Position Type: Appropriate


Hover your mouse over the Hiring Proposals tab.  Select the appropriate position type. hiring_proposal_start
Select the applicant / hiring proposal that you wish to work with.  HM_AT_Hiring_Proposal_applicants
Verify the applicant’s name and the posting title. Select Start hiring proposal.  start_hiring_proposal
Select the appropriate position. Click Select Position Description.
Provide all information required on the hiring proposal.

Select Next to save your changes and view the summary of the hiring proposal.  Once all information is complete and correct, hover over the Take Actions button and transition the Hiring Proposal to the Recruitment Manager.

After the Hiring Proposal has been transitioned, the Hiring Manager / Department Chair / Search Committee Chair will not have access to change the Hiring Proposal.