Updating and Transitioning Applicants’ Statuses

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    Module: Applicant Tracking
    Role: Hiring Manager
    Department Chair
    Search Chair
    Tab: Postings
    Position Type: Appropriate


Hover your mouse over the Postings tab.   Select the appropriate position type.  HM_AT_posting_menu
Select the position that you want to review. Click on the Working Title or go to the Actions Menu and choose View Posting. Applicant_tracking_postings_tab at_posting_select_position
Choose the Applicants tab.   at_posting_view_applicants

Put a check in the box to the left of the names of the applicant(s) that you wish to transition.




You should transition all applicants who are moving to the same workflow state at the same time, and should transition those who are not moving forward first.  For example:

  • The applicant pool has 30 applicants.
  • You are moving 20 of the applicants to the state Not Interviewed – Not Hired – No email because they so not meet the minimum qualifications.
  • You want to interview 3 applicants; these applicants will move to HR for Screening Review.
  • The other 7 applicants will remain – for the time being – Under Review…
  • You would transition the applicants in the Not Interviewed category first, then transition the group who are moving forward (Screening Review).
Hover your mouse over the Actions button. Choose Move in Workflow.  hm_at_applicant_actions

Select the appropriate Workflow State for each applicant.

Applicants who you are moving forward should be transitioned to the Recruitment Manager for Screening Review.

When you choose Not Interviewed…the confirmation box prompts you for a reason. Select the reason that best explains why you are moving the applicant to this workflow state. hm_at_applicants_move_workflow_reasons
Click Save Changes once you have chosen the appropriate Workflow State for each applicant.  hm_at_applicant_save

Once the Recruitment Manager has reviewed the applicants, they will be transitioned back to the Hiring Manager / Department Chair / Search Committee Chair. You will then take the next step – and will ultimately select one applicant to hire.

The process continues, until there is one candidate who has a state of Recommended for Hire.