Completing the Recruitment Plan

The department or search committee chair will submit to the Dean the Faculty Recruitment Plan for the search.  If approved by the Dean, the signed Plan goes  to the  OH/AAEEO for certification. The department and search committee may not begin the search process, including the placement of ads, until the Plan has been approved by the Dean and OHR/AAEEO.  Once approval has been received, the posting request may then be initiated in Careers.

The Plan must:

  • Include benchmarks to assess presence of diversity in applicant pools using data describing the availability of women and traditionally underrepresented groups in the relevant pool (such as percentage of earned doctorates in the discipline) and documented proactive search strategies. The Dean will use the Survey of Earned Doctorates Data to determine these numbers.  They will then monitor the search results and may pause the search if the search Plan is not being followed and/or to enhance proactive strategies for targeted outreach.
  • Identify all recruiting resources the committee intends to use such as listservs, websites, journals or newsletters for specialized professional associations, directories of recent doctoral recipients, contacts for pursuing targeted outreach, or other resources, as needed. At least one printed publication must be used to advertise the search.  The Office of the Provost, Dean’s offices, and OHR/AAEEO can also assist in identifying resources. A list of recruiting resources is available on the OHR/AAEEO website.
  • List  all search committee members with their full titles, academic departments/positions

The search committee carries out the remainder of the recruitment and advertising Plan by placing any departmental initiated ads on discipline specific listservs, making personal contacts, and recruiting candidates for the vacancy as outlined in the approved recruitment plan.  Search committees must keep documentation of their compliance with the approved recruitment plan.  Documentation must be made available for the Dean’s review to support his or her certification of the search and must be submitted to the OHR/AAEEO as final search documentation