Telecommuting (Teleworking)

UMW Teleworking Policies and Procedures
DHRM Policy 1.61 – Telecommuting

The University may designate certain positions and certain employees for telecommuting  (teleworking). This practice enables employees to conduct some of their work from their homes or from another site other than the central workplace.  Work performance expectations and scheduling for telework will be documented in a telework agreement that an employee will complete and review with his/her supervisor or manager.

Supervisors are encouraged to develop telecommuting and alternative work schedule arrangements where high standards of employee performance and service delivery can be maintained.

Telework is not a substitute for child or adult care;  an employee should be aware that s/he may be required to report to a central workplace or other site as needed for work-related meetings or other events even if s/he is scheduled for telework on a particular day. The telework agreement may be terminated if work performance issues or University business needs arise.