Screening Matrix

Exhibit #12: Screening Matrix

A screening matrix provides an objective method of comparing candidates both against a standard and to the candidates. This relative evaluation can simplify the process of selecting which candidates to consider further. It also provides a convenient means of spotting trends among applicants, such as the average number of years’ experience among applicants. Having a spreadsheet that allows committee members to enter comments of an appropriate length, or using legal-size paper for the same purpose allows matrices to strike a balance between brevity and completeness with just enough information to discern better-qualified candidates. Again, the best matrices include criteria garnered from the position description, advertisement, committee charge, and organizational analysis, as appropriate.

The following advertisement and matrix demonstrates the use of selection criteria for a career center director:

Master degree in related field required, doctoral degree preferred. Minimum five years’ experience in career development and employer relations required. Budget and staff management experience as well as a command of business and industry employment trends are also required. Past success cultivating relationships with a diverse mix of student employer is also desirable.


Candidate’s Name Degree Applicable Experience in field Budget & Supervision Management Experience Industry, Connections,& Placement Experience Engagement in Profession Comments Advance Candidate to Next Round of Screening
  Type & Field Number of Years Yes/No Yes/No Describe   Yes / No / Maybe
Sophia Holeman MBA 2 Yes Some No   No
Gracie Hill PhD Psychology 4 None indicated Yes Student club advisor Rising Star, limited experience Maybe
Hector Gonzalez MA Counseling 16 Yes Yes Yes, writes articles Former journal editor Yes
Alexander Jones MA Student Personnel 12 Yes Yes Various memberships   Yes



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