President’s First-Year Priorities


President Paino 1st Year Priorities Vision Financial Sustainability Accountability Distinctive Niche Enrollment
1 Prepare dashboard indicators to measure progress on strategic plan (primary, secondary, and tertiary). check
2 Finalize strategic enrollment plan for Board approval, including components of enrollment size, quality, diversity, headcounts and FTE’s, etc. check
3 Update Master Plan, including projected costs of projects, financing plans, deferred maintenance needs, space utilization study, historic resources. check
4 Diversity–establish committee to develop diversity action plan, with appropriate Board engagement in diversity issues. check
5 Develop budget aligned with strategic plan goals, with emphasis on financial sustainability, allowing for strategic investments, attention to managing debt service and rebuilding reserves. check
6 Capitalize on unlimited possibilities in non-traditional education, revitalizing Stafford Campus, utilizing educational technology, growing partnerships with Germanna CC, meeting regional needs, and establishing position to achieve these goals. check check
7 Develop plan to address salary challenges for faculty and staff. check
8 Conduct environmental scan to analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in marketplace and gain deep understanding of perception of UMW in context in which operating. check check
9 Clearly and forcefully articulate the vision for UMW within the first year. check