Resource Allocation


Communicating information about resource allocations is not occurring across the board. Resource allocations pertain to funds, people, and time, and effect each department directly and indirectly.  We must look to the past to see the future. Gathering of past information will help to understand today’s issues and move forward. We will be able to identify problems and have the opportunity to correct the problems. Each department will have to establish goals based on the President’s 9 priorities for 2016/2017, monitor the progress and make adjustments to measure their success. This will ensure we are moving in one direction.

Recommended Actions

  • Resource allocations must be communicated from upper management down to supervisors who then communicate to staff. Start staff meetings with goals.
  • Communicate the goals and plan, establish quantitative measurements, and share progress or lack of progress with explanations.
  • Communicate President’s goals when identifying constraints and allocation of resources
  • Use UMW media (UFC and SAC Newsletters, radio, Eagle Eye), staff and student forums to communicate allocation decisions.