NextGen Go-Live Date Extended – TBD

Our team has been working diligently to launch the new eVA software platform. We know that you, too, have been working hard to prepare for the transition. This is a huge undertaking, and our goal from the beginning was to deliver a modernized, more user-friendly tool with little to no disruption and without losing any of the current functionality our users have come to depend upon over the years.

After hearing input from some of our partners about the upcoming May 2 transition, we have decided to push back the go-live date. This will allow extra time to ensure this new platform will meet our expectations and yours.

We are working on a new timeline and will communicate that to you soon, but rest assured we will provide at least 30 days’ notice before the go-live date.  All current eVA functionality will continue as normal at this time. Training on the new system will continue, and it is critical your teams participate in the training to help ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you for your continued support of our team and for our collective goal of keeping Virginia first in procurement innovation.


Joseph F. Damico, Director
Department of General Services


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