EagleVending: ATM, Beverage & Food, Laundry


ATM Service

The ATM is located on the 3rd floor in Lee Hall and is provided by BB&T*.
Contact BB&T directly for assistance or technical problems:

– website: BBT.com
– phone: (800) 226-5228

*There is a surcharge for individuals who are not a member of BB&T to receive cash using this ATM
**PLEASE NOTE: The EagleOne card is not linked to a bank account. Cash cannot be withdrawn from the EagleOne card using ATMs.

Beverage and Food Vending

UMW partners with PepsiCo and Campbell’s Vending to provide beverage and food vending machines to the 3 campuses.

Through an exclusive beverage contract with PepsiCo, provides vending, bottle and fountain services to the Fredericksburg campus and vending services only for the Stafford and Dahlgren campuses.

Food vending contract is managed by UMW through a contract with Campbell’s Vending. To increase student satisfaction, 6 locations had machines retrofitted to add a freezer option with a microwave placed nearby.

Select to view locations:  Eagle Vending Locations

Laundry Service

UMW partners with Caldwell & Gregory to install, furnish and maintain 135 washers and 140 dryers in all residential locations on the Fredericksburg campus.  UMW uses the eSuds network which allows students to view the availability status of washers and dryers on campus.


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