Building Access

EagleOne for Building Access

Your EagleOne card grants you access to various locations around campus including the main doors in Res Halls and some Academic buildings and spaces.

Students are automatically assigned access to their Res Hall through the office of Residence Life.  If students require access to academic spaces as part of their curriculum that access will also be automatically programmed onto the card.

Building Access Malfunctions & Trouble Shooting

If you are experiencing access issues to your Res Hall with your card and the card reader lights up and makes a sound, but still won’t allow you in, students should contact the office of Residence Life (540) 654- 1058.  If the card does not get a response from the reader on the door, it neither lights up or makes a sound, please bring the card to the EagleOne Card Center in Lee Hall Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

For after hours temporary assistance for access issues, please contact the UMW police.