Card Replacement

Reasons for a No Charge Replacement:

  • Change in status (ie. Fac/Staff to Student)
  • Legal name change
  • Damaged card from “normal” wear and tear – picture, name or card number is unreadable

**To receive a replacement card at no cost, one must surrender the current valid ID card at the time the new card is made, otherwise this will be considered a lost card transaction. No new photo will be taken.

EagleOne Card Replacement: Charge of $20

Here are a few common examples of situations where replacements will incur a charge of $20:

  • Lost or Stolen card. All lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the campus police (x-1025) AND invalidated online at the online card office, or in person at the EagleOne Card Center during normal business hours.
  • Damaged cards caused by improper care or abuse.  Do not punch holes in the card.
  • Patron wants a new ID even though present card works, is in good condition, and all information is current
  • A cardholder wants to change the picture on their EagleOne ID.
  • If a student changes their preferred name with UMW and desires a replacement card.


1. Card office staff will determine if card damage is from normal wear.

2. Whenever possible, the University will collect ID cards that are no longer valid.