To Make a Deposit

Instructions for Guest Deposits Online

Guests are allowed to make deposits to students’ EagleOne accounts.  Please see the step-by-step instructions below.

1. EagleOne only accepts VISA or MasterCard and has a $10.00 minimum deposit.  There are no fees.

2. Follow the link on the left hand navigation menu for deposits entitled “Make a Deposit”.

3. Please click on the button at the bottom of the deposit page that reads “Make a guest deposit”.

4. Enter the student’s first name and capitalize the first letter.  (At this time, the student’s preferred name as entered into Banner SSB must be used in this field.)

5. Enter the student’s last name and capitalize the first letter.

6. Enter the student’s UMW email address.  Please modify the email address from to

7. Please feel free to contact EagleOne by email: or phone (540) 654-1005 if you need assistance.