Student Refund Request

Refund Request

FOR EAGLEONE ACCOUNT REFUNDS OVER $10.00 By submitting this request, your EagleOne balance will immediately be reduced to zero and no further EagleOne transactions will be approved. PLEASE BE AWARE, YOUR REFUND CHECK MAY TAKE 4-6 WEEKS TO BE RECEIVED AT THE ADDRESS PROVIDED BELOW! Please note that EagleOne credits will be applied to any existing outstanding balance on your student account before a refund check is issued. If a balance on your student account is more than your EagleOne credit balance, you will not receive a refund. Please review the EagleOne Refund Guidelines before submitting this request. We will not process requests for refunds for any reason other than withdrawal, transfer and graduating. All other requests are by a case by case issue, please contact the EagleOne Card Center with any questions 540-654-1005.

  • I have read and understand the EagleOne Refund Request policy and procedure. I understand that the data I have provided may be shared with other University Departments to facilitate my refund.